Housewolf started as a volunteer endeavor when my church relocated from a movie theater to our own space a couple years ago.  My pastor commissioned me to come up with ideas and create spaces that people were attracted to, and felt comfortable.  We created different areas people could gather and thought outside of the box with our projects- one of which was a 10 ft. by 30 ft., 68-light, black pipe chandelier that hangs over two 10ft. live edge, oak slab high tables with pipe bases (not pictured above) to match the chandelier. 

After that, you could say I was bitten by the woodworking bug.  With background in new construction and some experience in remodeling/updating projects, as well as producing digital media, I've always liked creating with my hands and enhancing a project to dovetail with the lifestyle of the people who use it. In everything I create, wether digital or physical, I always have the end user in mind.  That's when Housewolf was born.

That is really the goal behind the creations; to connect the user with the product.  I don't want to build just a nightstand, I want to build a nightstand that powers your devices.  Something that offers value to your life, but also has a beautiful look to it.

I have three kids; Piper Nicole, Jet James, and Cali Rae (not born yet in picture below), and a beautiful wife, Niki.  We only cheer for the Broncos in our house, and love to grill pizzas (if you haven't tried this, seriously go do it).  My family means the world to me, and that's why I wanted to take this adventure.  Maybe one day my son (or even one of my daughters) will step into my shoes and become Housewolf, or maybe they'll choose something I could never fathom. Either way, to do what I love to do and provide for my family, while working on projects with them is something that you can not get  with screen time, social media, or the corporate ladder.